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said i'm gonna buy this place and burn it down

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I am awful at these things. Absolutely terribe. I end up blabbering about a tv show I watched the night before, or how I think the word pinafore rhymes with Jennifer. People say I'm sort of weird, but when I tried to be not weird, they said I was boring. I used to think people thought the same things I did, and it's only now that I'm realising that they don't. Pity. Anyway, my name's Rachel, but I prefer Rach, I'm 17 and Irish. I read a lot, and I love music. I love that feeling you get when you listen to a song that's really.... IDK, feeling-enducing? The kind of song that makes you feel like you're flying. Or running through a cornfield in July.
See now this is the kind of stuff I consider normal, that my friends don't. Like when the sky is really red and pretty and it looks like it's on fire. I get weird looks when I say "the sky is on fire" but I ignore them because I'm taking a picture.
I like when people add me, but only if they comment on the friends only entry first. Just to see if we have anything in common, eg. Harry Potter, Twilight, certain bands, etc.

I think I'm done here.

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Promises look good on paper, especially from you, from you.
-- Johnny Flynn

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